Optimal dough conditioning for dough processing

Get smooth dough handling and better bread volume, bloom, and structure with xylanases in baking.

Industrial bakers

Dry balanced dough with xylanases in baking

Xylanases are known to improve dough machinability and dough-handling properties for bread, buns, and rolls.

Xylanases produce baked goods with better volume, crumb structure, bloom and less dough stickiness.

What are dough conditioners?

The baking process has many factors that can create problems with quality. For example, yeast and sourdough are living cultures affected by temperature and humidity. Wheat flour is a natural ingredient that fluctuates in quality. New harvests, changes in weather or equipment, or less-skilled labor also add to the variation.

Dough conditioners significantly increase tolerance of fluctuations, making it easier to achieve consistent baking results. They ensure better flour conditioning, and more constant production processes and outputs.

industrial baking facility

Enzymes: key dough conditioner ingredients

Xylanases, are essential dough conditioner ingredients. They help bakers achieve a dry, balanced dough for better machinability and dough-handling properties.

How to use enzymatic dough conditioners

Our robust, versatile dough conditioners such as Novozymes Panzea® and Novozymes Pentopan® offer you robust, versatile performance. They work well with other enzymes like fungal amylases, lipases, or anti-staling amylases.

Which solution is right for you?

Find the right solution for you in our global portfolio, shown below. To find out more about products available in your region, get in touch with your local Novozymes representative.


All the benefits, even less dust

Our new portfolio of low-dust baking enzymes gives you the excellent performance you expect from Novozymes. Nova G products also deliver improved working environments, easier reformulation and the competitive edge that comes from getting ahead of changing legislation.

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