Strengthening the gluten network

Avoid dough stickiness and improve gluten network

Baking Gluten strenghtening

Avoid volatile costs by using the dough’s gluten

Manufacturers need to optimize their formulation costs, for example when ascorbic acid prices rise. Gluten-strengthening enzymes offer protection against volatile costs while naturally leveraging the endogenous gluten in the flour.

How do enzymes assist?

A strong gluten network has many advantages. It ensures gas retention during proofing, good volume and oven spring enabling the dough to withstand mechanical stress during handling.

Instead of using chemical oxidants, gluten-strengthening enzymes offer a cost-effective way to ensure reliable dough stability and reduce the need for expensive ingredients such as ascorbic acid, vital wheat gluten or other oxidizing agents. Gluten strengthening enzymes help improve dough properties and flour consistency. As a result, the baked products have higher volume and improved appearance.

Dough gluten strenghtening

Which solution is right for you?

Find the right solution for you in our global portfolio, shown below. To find out more about products available in your region, get in touch with your local Novozymes representative.


All the benefits, even less dust

Our new portfolio of low-dust baking enzymes gives you the excellent performance you expect from Novozymes. Nova G products also deliver improved working environments, easier reformulation and the competitive edge that comes from getting ahead of changing legislation.

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