Amylases for flour quality improvement

Overcome fluctuations in flour quality for consistently high-quality baked goods with the use of enzymes.

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Standardize alpha-amylase activity

Flour quality fluctuates due to natural causes like weather and soil conditions. The aim of the milling industry is to control these fluctuations in flour quality and ensure consistent baking performance. One solution is to leverage enzymes such as amylases to standardize the flour and with it the flour quality.

How fungal alpha-amylase works

Novozymes Fungamyl® can adjust the common deficiency in the alpha-amylase activity and standardize the flour if it has low inherent cereal alpha-amylase activity. Adding Fungamyl® ensures continuous production of short-chain oligosaccharides and dextrins during leavening. This results in a high bread volume and in a fine and even structure of the final baked goods.

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Our flour systems are transforming. Are you?

As a principal component of bread, quality of the wheat flour is of great importance. But what happens when shortage in the market and price fluctuations leave bakers with no other option than baking with lower quality flour?

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When you can and cannot use the falling number of wheat flour

A common standard procedure for measuring the quality of wheat flour is the falling number. A high falling number indicates the flour needs correction, either by adding a fungal alpha-amylase or supplementing with malt flour. 

Fungal amylases have several advantages over malt flour – they offer consistent enzyme activity and an optimal temperature range for baking. 

However, the falling number value of flour remains unchanged when most fungal alpha-amylases are added in amounts recommended for the baking industry. That’s because the test to determine the falling number requires high temperatures that inactivate the enzyme. Novozymes does recommend individual baking trials for the best dosage. 

Fungamyl® Prime, is a fungal alpha-amylase, that also corrects for the above mentioned and in addition does correct the falling number. Fungamyl® Prime is therefore a perfect enzymatic solution to match the effects of malt flour.

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Which solution is right for you?

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All the benefits, even less dust

Our new portfolio of low-dust baking enzymes gives you the excellent performance you expect from Novozymes. Nova G products also deliver improved working environments, easier reformulation and the competitive edge that comes from getting ahead of changing legislation.

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