A sensorial experience that goes beyond taste

Your baking customers love to bake better, and we love to help with our smarter solutions. For consumers, better baking is all about the senses.

man using his senses to enjoy freshly baked bread

Senses play a key role

Taste is of course king. But other senses play a key role, working together to ensure consumers choose your customers’ baked goods. They need to feel fresh and moist. And from the rich, dark brown of a sourdough crust to the velvety gold of a sponge cake, their colors need to be irresistible. Finally, they should give off mouth-watering aromas that unlock happy memories of friends and family. Because few things bring people together like a loaf of baked goods.

Keep baked goods soft, elastic and moist for longer

Baked goods make everyone’s day better. And whether you’re breaking into the crisp crust of a breakfast roll or savoring a melt-in-your-mouth muffin, freshness is key to the enjoyment.

Bakers can achieve the softness, elasticity and moistness consumers love with our solutions. Best of all, their breads, wraps and cakes can keep these qualities for longer. All thanks to the Novamyl® and Sensea® families of fresh-keeping solutions, as well as OptiCake® Excel.

Baker holding fresh bread

Baked goods that are a feast for the eyes

Whether in the bakery or the supermarket, consumers eat with their eyes first. A range of visual cues reassure them that the baked goods they’re considering will taste great. In a sourdough bread for example, a crackly crust with a caramelized brown finish promises the perfect level of chewiness. And in biscuits, cookies, crackers and wafers, consistent shapes are key. They reassure consumers that the products they’re buying aren’t unappetizingly brittle.

With our GoldCrust®, AMG® and Neutrase® solutions, your customers can make your baked goods that are a feast for consumers’ eyes.

Flute with a caramelized brown finish

Explore our other benefits

Flour enzymes

The aim of the milling industry is to control these fluctuations in flour quality and ensure consistent baking performance. Our enzymes helps ensure the desired volume, crust color and crumb structure in the final baked goods therefore providing a consistent quality.

Enzymes for biscuit formulation

Our smarter solutions help you bake better-looking biscuits, cookies and crackers. They also help you tap into better-for-you trends with cleaner labels and acrylamide reduction. They can even be better for your bottom line by helping you optimize your costs and processes.

Bread enzymes

In many cultures, bread is no longer just a dietary staple. Consumers rely on it for indulgence and comfort. Our enzymes deliver a range of consumer-friendly benefits in fresh, packaged and frozen breads. So whether you’re an artisanal or industrial baker, if you love to bake better, you’ll love our bread enzymes.

Cake enzymes

Cakes are part of almost every celebration worldwide. They’re an indulgent delight that spreads happiness. Our cake enzymes keep your carefully crafted cake creations fresher throughout their shelf life. That allows you to make every celebration extra special.

Flatbread enzymes

Flexibility, rollability and non-stickiness. Those are the three things consumers demand from tortillas, pitas, wraps and other flatbreads. Loss of freshness can stop your flatbreads delivering on these key parameters. Our smarter enzymatic solutions can help. They prevent cracking and zippering over flatbreads’ entire shelf life.

Pasta and noodles

Consumers expect cooked pasta and noodle products to remain firm, bright and smooth. They also want minimal stickiness, even when they overcook. Our biosolutions help you overcome the challenges of varying wheat flour quality. That means you can consistently meet your consumers' expectations.

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