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Most consumers want to eat healthy. But baked goods are all about indulgence and comfort. So good intentions can fall by the wayside when it’s time to choose between a fluffy white loaf or a denser, more nutritious one.

Man cutting a slice of nutritious loaf

More natural baked goods with less unhealthy ingredients

Increasingly, consumers aren’t just looking for more of the good stuff. They want more natural baked goods, with less of what they perceive to be unhealthy ingredients or compounds. With our smarter solutions, it’s no longer an either/or choice. You can help bakers give consumers better-for-you baked goods that still deliver on comfort and indulgence.

How to slice your breads more healthy

But what constitutes a healthy bread? 
The attributes of a healthy bread can be sliced into two main categories: Ingredients and nutritional profile. Bridging both categories is wholegrain content, which 27% of consumers find relevant for evaluating bread healthiness. But it’s not only about grains, it is also about using natural ingredients, as well as fiber and protein content.  
Not long ago, baking healthy bread came with a catch: compromising on sensory appeal. But that's a compromise consumers are not willing to make. The good news is you no longer need to accept having to choose between health and sensory. Our family of Valena® solutions is designed to boost health while maintaining sensory appeal – all to help you offer stronger health claims.   

Healthy bread

Close the fiber gap

Normally, a high fiber content tends to make bread denser, drier and smaller – and less appealing to consumers. With our Valena® Fiber EE G your baking customers can give consumers the fiber they need along with a texture and freshness they’ll love. Valena® Fiber EE G also benefits bakers’ production through better dough handling and less dependence on emulsifiers. 

high fiber bread with valena fiber

Unlock the appeal of pulse breads

To make the of the growing demand for plant-based proteins, your customers need to overcome the challenges of incorporating pulse ingredients in baked goods. Our smarter solution Valena® Pulse G can help. It reduces volume loss, improves texture and extends pulse breads’ natural freshness so bakers can unlock the appeal of pulse breads.

Woman in forest eating pulse bread sandwich

Bake wholewheat bread a whole lot better

With our Valena® Wholewheat G and Valena® Wholewheat EE G you are no longer being forced to choose between wholewheat and appealing bread, and consumers no longer have to choose between delicious and healthy! Valena Wholewheat® EE G even lets you reduce or even eliminate emulsifiers from you recipe! 

deliciously healthy wholewheat bread

Less of the ingredients and compounds consumers don’t want

Both the USFDA and the EU have flagged the potentially carcinogenic effects of acrylamide. In the US, acrylamide is on the State of California’s proposition 65 list. In Europe a wide range of foods are subject to acrylamide monitoring under a benchmarking system. And as legislative activity around acrylamide increases, so does consumers’ awareness. Our Acrylamide® family of solutions are the smarter way to reassure consumers. They keep baked goods well beyond compliance, reducing acrylamide levels by up to 95%. All without affecting taste, smell, mouthfeel or appearance.


Leavening opportunities for growth

baker kneeding dough

Tap into the demand for familiar ingredients

Consumers want recognizable ingredients in their foods. They try to avoid what they perceive as artificial. Our enzymatic solutions are the consumer-friendly choice, that allow bakers to strengthen their dough systems, so they can tap out of the need for additional ingredients that consumers are less familiar with, and into the need for ingredients that consumers know.

baker with gluten-free bread

Make the most of the growing gluten-free market

The gluten-free bread market is growing fast and expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.5%, according to Euromonitor Passport data. Meaning that it will reach around USD 4 million by 2026. Key drivers of this growth are health management and the rise of Atkins, keto and other low-carb diets. With our solutions bakers can overcome the challenges of gluten-free bread such as reduced volume, softness and moistness and make the most of this opportunity. 


Unlock opportunities in proactive health management

With increasing understanding of the gut-brain axis, consumers are looking for ways to proactively manage their health through the microbiome. According to Mintel's 2023 Global Food and Drink Trends report, they are also looking towards food and drink for this type of health management. We have one of the world's largest proprietary strain collections and a Human Health Unit with experts already targeting the gut for better brain health.So, why not get in touch so we can explore the opportunity together? 

Explore our other benefits

Flour enzymes

The aim of the milling industry is to control these fluctuations in flour quality and ensure consistent baking performance. Our enzymes helps ensure the desired volume, crust color and crumb structure in the final baked goods therefore providing a consistent quality.

Enzymes for biscuit formulation

Our smarter solutions help you bake better-looking biscuits, cookies and crackers. They also help you tap into better-for-you trends with cleaner labels and acrylamide reduction. They can even be better for your bottom line by helping you optimize your costs and processes.

Bread enzymes

In many cultures, bread is no longer just a dietary staple. Consumers rely on it for indulgence and comfort. Our enzymes deliver a range of consumer-friendly benefits in fresh, packaged and frozen breads. So whether you’re an artisanal or industrial baker, if you love to bake better, you’ll love our bread enzymes.

Cake enzymes

Cakes are part of almost every celebration worldwide. They’re an indulgent delight that spreads happiness. Our cake enzymes keep your carefully crafted cake creations fresher throughout their shelf life. That allows you to make every celebration extra special.

Flatbread enzymes

Flexibility, rollability and non-stickiness. Those are the three things consumers demand from tortillas, pitas, wraps and other flatbreads. Loss of freshness can stop your flatbreads delivering on these key parameters. Our smarter enzymatic solutions can help. They prevent cracking and zippering over flatbreads’ entire shelf life.

Pasta and noodles

Consumers expect cooked pasta and noodle products to remain firm, bright and smooth. They also want minimal stickiness, even when they overcook. Our biosolutions help you overcome the challenges of varying wheat flour quality. That means you can consistently meet your consumers' expectations.

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