Feather hydrolysis for animal feed

Feather hydrolysis for animal feed

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Save energy, time and costs

Since the enzymatic process uses mild cooking conditions, it saves energy and time. The feather meal also has less odor and a lighter color.  

Enzymatic hydrolysis lets producers reduce cooking temperatures and save 10–15% on energy costs compared to standard steam pressure cooking. Enzymes also efficiently tackle fat balls, which require time- and energy-consuming sieve separation before milling.  

Understanding market demands

With Novozymes, you can design your optimal feather protein hydrolysate as well as the process that yields most profit. The demand for additional protein sources in feed manufacture is growing, with rigorous quality and digestibility requirements. Feather hydrolysis is a sustainable way to derive additional value from your co-products.

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Enzymes can boost the value of your feathers

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