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Whether you’re aiming for an outstanding sensorial experience, a healthier profile, more cost-effective, flexible operations or a smaller environmental footprint, we can help. Our smarter biosolutions and decades of experience supporting the baking industry are the perfect recipe to help you bake better.

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Flour enzymes

The aim of the milling industry is to control these fluctuations in flour quality and ensure consistent baking performance. Our enzymes helps ensure the desired volume, crust color and crumb structure in the final baked goods therefore providing a consistent quality.

Bread enzymes

In many cultures, bread is no longer just a dietary staple. Consumers rely on it for indulgence and comfort. Our enzymes deliver a range of consumer-friendly benefits in fresh, packaged and frozen breads. So whether you’re an artisanal or industrial baker, if you love to bake better, you’ll love our bread enzymes.

Cake enzymes

Cakes are part of almost every celebration worldwide. They’re an indulgent delight that spreads happiness. Our cake enzymes keep your carefully crafted cake creations fresher throughout their shelf life. That allows you to make every celebration extra special.

Enzymes for biscuit formulation

Our smarter solutions help you bake better-looking biscuits, cookies and crackers. They also help you tap into better-for-you trends with cleaner labels and acrylamide reduction. They can even be better for your bottom line by helping you optimize your costs and processes.

Flatbread enzymes

Flexibility, rollability and non-stickiness. Those are the three things consumers demand from tortillas, pitas, wraps and other flatbreads. Loss of freshness can stop your flatbreads delivering on these key parameters. Our smarter enzymatic solutions can help. They prevent cracking and zippering over flatbreads’ entire shelf life.

Pasta and noodles

Consumers expect cooked pasta and noodle products to remain firm, bright and smooth. They also want minimal stickiness, even when they overcook. Our biosolutions help you overcome the challenges of varying wheat flour quality. That means you can consistently meet your consumers' expectations.

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Biscuits enzymes

How to make your biscuit production cost-effective and meet consumer demands

63% of consumers would pay more for healthier biscuits. But how can you make biscuits both healthy and delicious? Join our webinar to find out.

Baking enzyme calculator

How much CO₂ emissions can you save by reducing bread waste with Novamyl 3D?

Love to bake but hate waste? Why not mark the International Awareness Day of food loss and waste by trying our freshness calculator. You’ll be surprised how much CO2 you can save by extending freshness.

high fiber bread with valena fiber ee g

Bridge the gap with appealing high-fiber bread

Consumers are focusing more on healthy eating habits, but they’re still not getting enough fiber on average. This is what’s popularly known as The Fiber Gap. How can you bridge the gap with a higher content of fiber without compromising on quality?​